DMC introduces One-Step Application Tools for EMI/RFI Shield Termination Bands

Daniels Manufacturing Corp in Orlando, FL introduces One-Step Application Tools for applying “stamped-low-profile” style EMI/RFI Shield Termination Bands.  These tools provide an option/solution for users accommodating to the new AS85049/128 specification which assigned dedicated tooling for the two different band styles (stamped-low-profile and welded buckle).

DMC’s One-Step Banding Tools tension, secure, and cut the band without the use of a secondary tool to secure the band. The DBS-2100 applies the .250 wide M85049/128-3 and M85049/128-4 bands and meets the requirements of M81306/1-01. The DBS-2200 applies the .125 wide M85049/128-7 and M85049/128-8 mini-bands and meets the requirements of M81306/1-02.

The One-Step Band Application Tools are built to M81306/1, constructed to survive the demands of production and maintenance use, and remain precisely adjusted to provide a quality band termination. The tension-lock system gives the operator a positive indication when the precise tension has been applied. The Cut-Off handle easily cuts, bends, and locks the shield band in one step.

For more information, contact Daniels Manufacturing Corp (DMC), 526 Thorpe Road, Orlando, Florida 32824, 407-855-6161,,