Ipsen Inc.

Ipsen Custom Furnaces to Support Specialized Heat Treating at Customer Facilities in U.S. and Abroad

CHERRY VALLEY, IL – Customer accommodations are of the utmost importance to Ipsen. Ipsen knows that, no matter how standard the features may be, each furnace is as unique as the customer purchasing it. This individualistic approach to Ipsen’s product engineering is exemplified in the recent shipment of two custom-sized, bottom-loading furnaces to a global manufacturer of flow and density measurement devices.

One furnace was sent to their domestic branch in Denver, Colo., the other to their facility overseas in mainland China. The vertical furnace measures 72” x 84” (1,829 mm x 2,134 mm), designed specifically to nickel braze the customer’s desired part load configuration and number of parts.

For 65 years, Ipsen has been turning dreams into realities, engineering advanced, custom thermal processing systems for everything from simple tools to giant wind turbine gears. If your process and workload requires a specialized heat treating solution, Ipsen's world-class engineering team has the experience and the resources to design and deliver a custom-engineered system. 

A selection of the features that can be tailored to customers’ specific needs include, but are not limited to:

  • Horizontal or vertical configurations
  • Manual or automatic loading systems
  • Custom load size/configurations up to 700 cubic feet
  • Specialized material handling systems that are fully automatic and capable of loads in excess of 15 tons

Not only can the furnaces be customized, but our support is customized as well. From the moment a new furnace is delivered, the Ipsen support team stands ready to facilitate on-site installation, expert training and start-up assistance, as well as provide responsive field support and spare parts that fit your custom design.

For more information, visit www.ipsenusa.com/custom-vacuum.php or email Sales@IpsenUSA.com.