Sabreliner Corporation Promotes Susan Aselage to President

St. Louis, MO / April 29, 2013 – Sabreliner Corporation's board of directors has announced the appointment of Susan Aselage to the role of president. Susan additionally serves as vice chairman and vice president, secretary and assistant treasurer. 

Susan Aselage has been with Sabreliner Corporation since its inception in 1983, and she was the company's second employee. Prior to her appointment as president, her responsibilities included managing the corporation's risk insurance program and maintenance of all corporate records. Her role has been expanded to include supporting current customers and generating new business while enabling and encouraging operational efficiencies and improvements.

"Susan is a tremendous asset to Sabreliner, its customers and its employees," said F. Holmes Lamoreux, Sabreliner chairman, CEO and the company's first employee. "Her promotion is well deserved and acknowledges her significant contribution to the organization."

In conjunction with Susan's promotion, the company was aligned into three business units: fixed wing/Perryville operations, rotary wing and manufacturing. Each unit has responsibility for the entire business process, from generating new work to performing the work to following up with the customer after completion of the project. 

"Our purpose is to provide solutions to customers' aviation needs. In order to more fully accomplish this mission, we have adjusted the company's framework to provide for attentiveness and responsiveness to our customers and the market in general," said Holmes. "We want to show the world that Sabreliner is evolved, relevant and ready."

This restructuring reinforces the rebranding initiative undertaken late last year. While wanting to acknowledge the company's history, hard work and heritage, a common misconception is that the company only services Sabreliner aircraft, when in fact it has expanded heavily into helicopter services, structures, paint and coatings, life extension and much more. Along with these expanded capabilities, Sabreliner also has gained substantial experience and capability in supporting the military and civilian variants of aircraft like Learjet, King Air and others.

Sabreliner Corporation:  With locations in Perryville, Ste. Genevieve, and St. Mary, MO, Sabreliner Corporation is a diversified aviation services company recognized worldwide for its extensive expertise and capabilities for government, military and business aviation customers. Specializing in airframe, engine, and component modification, inspection, repair, and overhaul, Sabreliner is widely recognized for its ability to keep veteran aircraft in service while being equally qualified to perform aircraft completions to the highest standards. Sabreliner offers complete exterior paint services and interior redesign, as well as major avionics upgrades and installations.

Sabreliner’s extensive in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities enable it to fabricate airframe structural assemblies, parts and tooling for use in new fixed and rotary-wing aircraft production, and for repair and overhaul of existing aircraft. Parts and assemblies are produced in accordance with government specifications, under license from OEMs and under FAA Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA). For more information, visit or call 314-863-6880