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Telair Delivers 300th Lower Deck Cargo System For Airbus A-330, -340 Series

MIESBACH, Germany, April 29, 2013 – Telair International, a subsidiary of U.S.-based aerospace and defense contractor AAR (NYSE: AIR), announces delivery of the 300th advanced lower deck cargo system to the Airbus fuselage production line in Hamburg. Since 2008, Telair has been the single source supplier for the advanced cargo handling systems for the Airbus A330-200 and -300 and A340-300 series of aircraft, providing one-stop shopping, compatibility and ease in installation.

Pre-assembled roller trays and ball mats are secured inside reusable containers instead of wooden crates or cartons for transport, reducing the environmental impact. The containers are then able to be positioned alongside the fuselage on the Airbus production line, streamlining installation inside the cargo compartments.

“Having one source reduces system installation time and speeds up delivery to the customer,” said Axel Hauner, President of Telair. “It also eliminates problems that can arise when systems are built with components from multiple suppliers. Within three to four months of delivery of the systems, the aircraft is ready to handle up to 30 years of daily operation.”

Telair International has served the airline industry for more than 40 years, with facilities on four continents. Today, it is the premiere one-stop-shop for the design and manufacture of advanced cargo handling systems and aftermarket services for the world’s airlines and OEMs. More information on Telair can be found at www.telair.com<http://www.telair.com>. Contact: Edwin Vos, Director, Technical Sales & Training for Telair at evos@telair.com<mailto:evos@telair.com> | +31-36-5213940.

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