Embry-Riddle Plans Aviation/Aerospace Summer Camps for Kids

Astronaut Nicole Stott will direct a residential Mission Discovery Summer Camp at the Daytona Beach Campus, guiding students ages 14-18 in developing basic research projects that could potentially be conducted in space.

Aviation Career Exploration (Daytona Beach Campus)

Students will use state-of-the-art simulation devices to sample various aspects of aircraft maintenance, air traffic management, engineering, flight, human factors, meteorology and space technology. Also included are field trips, guest speakers, labs and classroom instruction. For students ages 12-17. The program runs July 7-13 and July 28 to Aug. 3. Tuition is $900.

Aviation Discovery (Prescott Campus)

Participants will explore the many careers available in aviation and take a flight in a Cessna 172 aircraft. For students ages 12-15. This program runs June 20-22. Tuition is $525.

Computer/Electrical Engineering (Prescott Campus)

Students will design, build, track and recover a payload that will launch on a high-altitude balloon to near outer space. They will then analyze and research downloaded data that could reveal new phenomena.

For students ages 15-18. The program runs June 23-28. Tuition is $1,075.

Executive Training Academy (Daytona Beach Campus)

Female professionals lead girls ages 14-17 in activities such as resume and scholarship writing, mock interviews, etiquette practice and more. The girls will form micro-companies and work with top female executives from the area to develop and present a final product. Participants will leave with the confidence that they can be leaders in the business community. The program runs July 14-19. Tuition is $450.

Generations Program (Daytona Beach Campus)

A duo of parent/child or grandparent/grandchild can share experiences as they learn about aircraft maintenance, air traffic management, flight, meteorology and space technology. The course includes flight fees, simulator sessions, field trips, classroom instruction and materials. The program runs July 29 to Aug. 2. Housing is not included. Tuition is $1,800 per pair.

Global Security and Intelligence “Spy” Camp (Prescott Campus)

In this immersion program, students will use the tools of the security and intelligence trade to develop surveillance skills as well as exploring cryptology and the art of illusion. For students ages 15-18 who are U.S. citizens. The program runs July 14-19 and July 21-26. Tuition is $1,075.

Robotics and Autonomous Systems (Daytona Beach Campus)

Students will learn concepts from mechanical, electrical and computer engineering from faculty and the collegiate robotics competition team. Together they will work to design, build and test their own autonomous robots. For students ages 15-18. The program runs July 14-20. Tuition is $900.

Flight Exploration (Prescott and Daytona Beach Campuses)

In this introductory course on flying and flight training, students will practice flight maneuvers and get acquainted with how an airplane responds to cockpit commands. Participants also learn how to comply with aviation regulations and how to analyze weather conditions. The course includes field trips, flight and ground lab instruction and a logbook to record flight hours. Four sessions are offered at the Prescott Campus for students ages 14-18: June 9-14, June 16-21, July 21-26 and July 28 to Aug. 2. Two sessions are offered at the Daytona Beach Campus for students ages 12-17: June 23-29 and July 21-27. Prescott tuition is $1,975 and Daytona Beach tuition is $1,950.

Aviation Voyage (Daytona Beach Campus)

Students ages 12-17 will apply the lessons learned in Flight Exploration to more advanced procedures such as flight planning and preflighting an aircraft. Students are required to bring back their logbook from Flight Exploration to continue recording their flight hours. The course includes flight fees, simulator sessions, field trips, classroom instruction and materials. The program runs July 7-13. Tuition is $2,100.

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