Skandia Introduces a Selection of Cabin Repair and Refurbishing Products and Services for Global Regional Airline Operators

Davis Junction, IL – Gary Palmer, President, announced that Skandia, Inc., one of aviation industry’s largest and most respected providers of business and commercial airline cabin repair and refurbishment products and services, is introducing an expanded array of seat repair and refurbishing options for the rapidly growing regional airline industry.

“There are a lot of regional-type turboprops and jets in operation around the world and those airlines are going to need the broad range of capabilities we provide,” explained Palmer. “These aircraft see very high cycle times and that puts a lot of wear and tear on the seats. We can quickly and cost-effectively provide seat refurbishing and reupholstering services and programs.”

“We have the specialized equipment and skilled craftspeople to fabricate a variety of high-density seating foams to meet any operator’s requirements,” Palmer added.  “That’s a capability very few large airlines even have in-house. In fact, we currently provide foam replacements and seat refurbishing services to many of the major air carriers around the world. Now we’re offering those services to regional airlines.”

Skandia is well known throughout aviation as the exclusive distributor of DAX Firehard foam, as well as a supplier of many other popular foams including Confor, HR Poly, MP Firehard and AeroLite. The company also supplies a broad range of upholstery materials and hardware.

Along with custom cut foam seating inserts and upholstery options, Palmer said that Skandia can supply maintainers of regional airliners with all of the materials and hardware they need to cost-effectively repair and refurbish the aircraft’s seats. “But, if they prefer, they can ship the seats to our facility and we can do all the work for them,” Palmer offered. “Regional airlines are ‘right sized’ to fit their markets, and we are ‘right sized’ to meet their cabin and seat repair and refurbishment needs.”

About Skandia Incorporated

Skandia Incorporated is a global leader in aircraft cabin component testing, development, production and refurbishing. Along with providing a wide variety of seating foam products and cabin soundproofing materials, Skandia also supports their aircraft OEM, MRO and completion center, and airline customers, highly specialized interior component repair and refurbishing services. Skandia is one of the aviation industry’s most recognized and respected FAA and EASA approved Flammability Testing laboratories. Their staff includes FAA Designated Engineering Representatives (DERs) and Designated Airworthiness Representatives (DARs). Services include the full range of Flammability, Smoke, and Toxicity testing. For more information, visit: