Gulfstream Beijing A Welcome Addition to Support Network

Gulfstream Beijing is a joint venture between Gulfstream and two subsidiaries of Hainan Airlines Group, Hainan Aviation Technik (HNAT) and Beijing Capital Airlines Co. Ltd. (Deer Jet).

Along with Gulfstream Beijing, there are seven other facilities in the Asia-Pacific region that Gulfstream operators can utilize for maintenance. They are factory-authorized service centers Jet Aviation and Metrojet in Hong Kong and Jet Aviation in Singapore, and authorized warranty centers Jamco Corp. in Sendai, Japan, ExecuJet Australia in Sydney and Melbourne, and Air Works in Mumbai.

Gulfstream’s in-service fleet in the Asia-Pacific region, which includes Australia, India and Singapore, has grown from 27 aircraft in 2001 to more than 200 today.

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