NAASCO Expands ETR Motor Repair Solutions & Services

Shirley, NY - NAASCO Northeast Corporation has expanded their ETR Motor Repair Services offering new solutions and substantial cost savings to their global clients. These innovative repairs provide an affordable and reliable alternative to new OEM motors at a fraction of the cost while matching the same quality.

NAASCO will have their latest ETR Motor Repair services on display during the AAI Reception on Tuesday, April 23rd at the Hilton Orlando, Lake Buena Vista, FL. The new services now encompass Landing Light Motor Support, Micropump Motor Assembly, and Fan Support for Champion TRUs/Converters. They will also introduce their new Windshield Wiper Motor Repairs which will be offered in the immediate future.

The newest repair solutions can potentially save thousands of dollars for an airline by extending the life of parts once thought of as consumable. All repairs are FAA/EASA approved.  For more details open this link or visit the company website.

Since 1984, NAASCO has worked closely with OEM's and operators worldwide providing cost-effective repair solutions for a wide variety of electrical aircraft components. NAASCO Northeast Corp. is setting higher standards for the aviation industry in Starter Generator reliability and backs up its product with a 1000 hour brush life guarantee. The company has applied similar repair processes to Electrical Power Relays and other electrical components.

NAASCO is an FAA authorized repair station with additional E.A.S.A certification and FAA authorization for a number of PMA parts. NAASCO has developed cost effective FAA approved repair processes for a wide variety of LRUs including motors, actuators, fans and micro pumps.

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