Lufthansa Technik

New GuideU: flatter, lighter and highly flexible

Lufthansa Technik AG has developed an improved floor path marking system for passenger aircraft known as GuideU. Thanks to a novel manufacturing method, the new system can be supplied with any curvature and for any part of the cabin. In addition, the two-meter long profiles are even flatter and lighter than in the predecessor system.

GuideU from Lufthansa Technik is based on the long established Guideline® floor path marking system that is currently installed ex-factory in many commercial aircraft. This achieves its effect by incorporating a photoluminescent material which absorbs light energy from the environment and releases it again in the dark for up to 22 hours. Unlike electronic systems based on light emitting diodes (LEDs), GuideU is totally independent of a power supply, requires absolutely no maintenance, can withstand moisture and is also impact- and scratch-resistant. Whereas in the past two different profiles were required for carpeted areas and the wet area of the galleys, GuideU is equally suitable for both areas. As a result the new system is not only more visually appealing but also easier and quicker to lay.

GuideU is the flattest and lightest floor path marking system in the world and the first non-electrical system that can be contoured into virtually any shape. In this way the new technology can benefit aircraft manufacturers, customers and interior designers alike.

Christian Lierow, Head of Product GuideU at Lufthansa Technik, underlines the advantages of the innovation: "GuideU is about 35 percent lighter than its predecessor. As a result we can save up to 15 kilograms in weight on an Airbus A380. Moreover, because the number of parts involved has been reduced from six to two, customers can make significant savings on their logistics and assembly costs."

GuideU is available in 20 different color shades with immediate effect. Also available to customers are the options of a new, flatter filler which serves as an underlay and a special, flexible carpet protector that protects the carpet edges. This too is available in several different colors and can be visually matched with the color palette of GuideU.

Lufthansa Technik is presenting the new GuideU for the first time at the Aircraft Interiors Expo April 9 through April 11, 2013 in Hamburg. GuideU has been nominated in the category "Materials and Components" for the Crystal Cabin Award 2013, which will be presented during the exhibition.