Trend-setting features for BoardConnect

Lufthansa Systems today announced that it has added additional functions to its award-winning BoardConnect in-flight entertainment system. The new features were presented at the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2013 (AIX) in Hamburg. In addition to accessing on-demand audio and video as well as information about their destination, passengers can now read electronic magazines by using the eReader functionality of BoardConnect. System maintenance will be further improved through the use of a so-called maintenance front-end. A shopping feature will also be added to BoardConnect later this year.

eReader make it more comfortable for passengers to read newspapers and magazines in the close quarters of an airplane, and they enable airlines to offer a much wider selection of magazines in different languages in order to better meet passenger needs. Airlines can also gradually reduce the load of printed magazines on each flight, thus significantly reducing weight and fuel consumption. The maintenance front-end, in turn, makes it easier for airlines to maintain the IFE system. Automatic error messages keep flight attendants and technicians informed of the current system status, and solutions are suggested for individual problems.

With the new shopping function, airline passengers will soon be able to use BoardConnect to make in-flight purchases. This service gives airlines another way of differentiating themselves from their competitors. The system is already impressively versatile. It can be used with iOS, Android and conventional Windows devices, and it now works with the Windows 8 operating system as well.

Unlike conventional in-flight entertainment systems, BoardConnect does not require any complicated wiring for each seat. Instead, it works with a regular WLAN based on the established WiFi standard, meaning that just a few access points need to be installed in the cabin. This makes it possible for the first time to offer passengers an extensive range of information and entertainment on short- and medium-haul aircraft such as the Airbus A320 family and the Boeing 737. Since BoardConnect is lighter than conventional IFE systems, airlines can also achieve considerable fuel savings with it.

“BoardConnect is the best example of successful innovation,” said Norbert Müller, Program Manager BoardConnect at Lufthansa Systems. “This solution has set new standards in in-flight entertainment. But we are right at the start of this success story. We will continue to add new functions and help our customers take advantage of the growing technical possibilities."

About Lufthansa Systems

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