Aero Jet Services Settles Into Sarasota/Bradenton International Airport

Aero Jet Services, based in Scottsdale, Ariz., is opening a service at SRQ in 85,000 square feet of leased hangar space at Dolphin Aviation.

Cawley says its 25-acre operation at SRQ, which has 25 employees including 10 pilots, has 55 percent of the corporate jet business in Sarasota.

"We are never concerned about competition," he said. "We just concentrate on what we do and do it well."

The company focuses on safety, maintaining new planes, hiring good employees, and nurturing customers, Cawley said. With its acquisition of AirFlyte, he expects the company will save money by being able to provide maintenance on its own jets.

Piccolo said private jet service expansion at SRQ benefits the airport.

"General aviation revenues are about 6 percent of the airport's budget," he said. "It's not huge, about $1 million a year, but it is an important part."

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