Powervamp, Flywell Power Create New Force in Aviation Ground Support

Companies have been appointed exclusive providers of ground power for this year’s Paris Air Show at Le Bourget.

Weston-super-Mare, UK - April 4, 2013 - In a significant development that brings benefits for two facets of the aviation world – ground power and air show ground support – two established UK companies with a presence in both these fields, Powervamp and Flywell Power, have formed an agreement to work together.

Already they have secured their first major joint contract, having been appointed exclusive providers of ground power for this year’s Paris Air Show at Le Bourget.

Powervamp has been manufacturing aviation ground power systems in the UK for nearly twenty years, and for many years has also operated a flourishing air show ground support service, providing aircraft power and services at major events such as the Farnborough International Airshow.

Flywell Power also manufactures ground power systems, and provides a ground power rental service and other customised solutions for air shows. It is part of the Flywell Group, which has bases in the UK and India, and also has interests in air charter, aviation services and travel.

Now the two groups have formed a joint-venture company, Flywell-Powervamp Ltd, which will work together in areas where their activities coincide. It will also take advantage of the services of a separate Flywell Group company, Flywell Aviation, to offer additional resources that are not typically a feature of conventional air show support packages, such as air-freighting large aircraft components and massive oversize loads between air show sites.

Under the agreement, exclusive production of Flywell Power’s entire range of aviation ground power units is being transferred to Powervamp’s modern factory in Weston-super-Mare, UK, and Powervamp will take on responsibility for worldwide support of the Flywell Power range through its international engineering team. The Flywell range includes 28-volt ground power units (GPUs), power supplies and 400Hz frequency converters.

Flywell-Powervamp will now offer an enhanced range of turnkey air show support services, including ground power, cabling, aircraft positioning and air conditioning and even catering.

In addition, Flywell Aviation, while not part of the Flywell-Powervamp joint venture, will provide air charter resources when required. Flywell Aviation specialises in contracts involving outsized and military cargo transport, using a fleet of giant Antonov An-124 freighter aircraft, and these resources will be available to air show exhibitors who are using Flywell-Powervamp for bespoke air show support services.

This kind of resource is seen as ideal in situations where, for instance, airframe manufacturers need to transport entire airframe mockups between air shows. Such a service offers them the chance to ship their equipment at competitive groupage rates, as well as helping them meet tight show deadlines and stringent “aircraft on ground” (AOG) requirements.

Flywell Power already ships major airframe assemblies and engines under charter for the world’s two largest airframe and power plant manufacturers.

Richard Roller, founder of Powervamp, comments: “This deal vastly strengthens the position of both Powervamp and Flywell Power as manufacturers and providers of ground support services at major international air shows.”

He adds: “The creation of Flywell-Powervamp also opens up new opportunities for some of the world’s largest and best-known ground handling agents to enter the air show support business. Whilst they might not have had the specific skills required to provide this kind of service independently, they can now make use of their ground handling skills and strengths in parallel with the technical expertise and equipment of the Flywell-Powervamp operation.

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