Ipsen Inc.

Ipsen Continues VFS's Tradition of Personal Service

CHERRY VALLEY, IL – Ipsen believes in upholding standards and that is just what they’ve done with the VFS HEQ (Horizontal External Quench) and HIQ (Horizontal Internal Quench) series. The VFS brand is still strong and has maintained its loyal customer base. VFS provides consistent performance and reliability, while staying committed to supplying maintenance-friendly designs.

Customers around the country have stayed steadfast with the VFS furnaces, including some customers that are almost exclusively using VFS. “As the official supporter of the VFS brand, Ipsen is proud to promote VFS’s reputation for unmatched technical and service support,” states Mark Heninger, Product Manager. “VFS focuses on solving the real life problems faced by a wide range of vacuum furnace users, a vision shared by Ipsen as they seek to find innovative, customer-driven solutions.”

VFS HEQ and HIQ models offer many vacuum furnace innovations, designed to provide maximum uptime/minimal downtime. Hot zone configurations of both models are constructed with ease of maintenance in mind and are available in a variety of designs. They each offer molybdenum wide-band heating elements or VFS-patented GraForm curved graphite heating elements, and the patented ThreadFast hot zone gas quench nozzles, all of which provide outstanding performance. The HIQ series furnaces are available with quenching pressures up to 12 Bar (165 psig).

VFS brand furnaces are an important part of the Ipsen product line. The newest technologies combined with the latest vacuum furnace innovations and designs are built into every furnace. Ipsen continues to offer VFS equipment, designs and personal service, ensuring that Ipsen delivers the best in heat treating.

For more information on VFS, visit http://ipsenusa.com/heq or http://ipsenusa.com/hiq.