Satair Customers Worldwide Get Access to Airbus' Drain Mast System

From April 15 Satair will add all Airbus’ drain mast products to its world leading portfolio covering North and South America and the Middle East. Satair is already in charge of distribution and repair of the product line in Europe, Asia Pacific and China.

The function of the drain mast system is to remove waste water from the lavatory sinks and galley drains while keeping the water from freezing along the aircraft belly.

“Satair will offer customers seamless logistics; with access to the products they need when and where they need it,” says Martin Adnoff, Director, Business Development “With Satair as a distributor the customers will have access to all components of the Airbus drain mast system from our worldwide distribution network, including access to e-Ordering via Satair Direct, and full high level service at all hours all days.”

The Airbus drain mast system consists of an electronically heated drain tube housed within an aerodynamically shaped drain mast that removes the waste water. Depending on type an aircraft will usually have 2-3 drain masts located on the underside of the plane. This location however makes drain masts prone to damage as they often gets heated or hit by vehicles.

All Airbus drain mast parts are supplied with a Quality Certificate.

About Satair

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