Aviation Search Group - First Half Forecast

The quantity of searches, revenue and market demand for new headhunting assignments has increased 26% from 2012.

FORT WORTH, TX – Heli-Expo 2013 – Aviation Search Group announced its first half forecast and search assignments appear to be in greater demand for the balance of 2013.

“We are pleased to report key growth in comparison from this time last year,” says Aviation Search Group Director of Sales Grayson Barrows.  “We are certainly encouraged by what we have accomplished thus far this quarter and expect solid development through 2013” continues Barrows.

The quantity of searches, revenue and market demand for new headhunting assignments has increased 26% from 2012.  Barrows explains, “this is a result of two key elements; success with our clientele and an increase in the number of aviation companies finding out about us.”

While many disciplines look to be in demand this year, the following will be a focal point for many:

Executive / Management: Chief Operating Officers, Quality Directors and Maintenance Managers.  As flight hours and activity increase in 2013 additional emphasis will be on operational functions.  Manufacturing facilities will augment existing quality programs with need for additional leaders.  Maintenance facilities will react to more flight hours in 2013 requiring personnel for repair and overhaul.

Technical / Skilled: Pilots, Engineers and Maintainers.  No surprise the industry is experiencing a shortage.  As demand increases, companies will continue to identify avenues for recruiting and selecting, training and retaining talent.  Budget constraints combined with continued development in vertical-lift, fixed-wing and unmanned system markets are also drivers.

About Aviation Search Group

Aviation Search Group is a leading provider of customized search programs for global aviation and aerospace manufacturers, airlines, military and government aircraft service providers, business and general aviation, space, airport operations, etc.

Supporting the aviation community since 1999, Aviation Search Group (www.AviationSearchGroup.com), a privately held company, offers Executive to Technical search programs and unlike other search models creates a cost effective "strategic partnership" focusing on requirements while utilizing the customer's internal resources.

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