Donaldson Enhances Helicopter Service & Support

Donaldson will display its latest products during Heli-Expo 2013 at Booth N6001.

LAS VEGAS, NV – MARCH 5, 2013 – Donaldson Aerospace & Defense in the last year has fielded new helicopter applications for its advanced filtration systems and enhanced the service and support it provides to customers around the world.

Donaldson, a division of Donaldson Company, Inc. (NYSE: DCI), also reached major milestones in the last year. In January 2013, the company delivered its 6,000th Inlet Barrier Filter (IBF) system overall. In January 2012, Donaldson delivered the 500th IBF system for the U.S. Army’s workhorse H-60 BLACK HAWK helicopters.

Donaldson will display its latest products during Heli-Expo 2013 at Booth N6001. The show is being held March 4-7, 2013 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, where the exhibit halls open on March 5. Donaldson’s booth is in the Convention Center’s North Hall.

“There is nothing more important to Donaldson’s customers than the safety and reliability that their aircraft offer to customers, crews and neighbors,” said Eric Erickson, General Manager at Donaldson Aerospace & Defense in St. Louis.  “We are committed to ensuring that Donaldson’s advanced filtration solutions help them deliver that safety and reliability and better manage maintenance and operations costs every day.”

Erickson became a leader of Donaldson’s effort to better support customers in the helicopter community when he joined the company in 2012. A West Point graduate and former U.S. Army and National Guard helicopter pilot, he also has extensive experience in operations, engineering, financing and business development in several industry sectors.

Dust, sand and debris can attack helicopter turbine engines, hampering their performance and decreasing overhaul intervals. Donaldson’s widely used IBF systems counter such attacks, providing operators with high performance and demonstrated returns on investment through sustained engine efficiency and extended times between overhauls. 

Donaldson in the last year developed new IBF systems to protect a broader range of helicopters. These include the first-ever barrier filters for the AgustaWestland AW109E/S/SP, Bell Helicopter 407GX and 206LR and Eurocopter AS350B3e. In 2012, Donaldson won new approvals for IBF use from regulators in Brazil and Japan on AW109-series aircraft.  

In 2012, Donaldson also launched the Universal Filter Module (UFM), the first IBF ever available for the Sikorsky S-61. It includes a low-drag filtration solution mounted forward of the engine inlets, three filter elements that are easily accessible and removable for service and have a 4,500-hour service life, and a translating, forward-facing dome for emergency bypass. Developed in conjunction with the Coulson Group, the scalable system has the potential to be adapted for a wide range of heavy, twin-engine helicopters.

In the latest example of its expanded service, Donaldson has developed an application for the Apple iPhone & iPad that offers customers a quick and convenient way to see and understand the IBF systems, with a 3-D, narrated tour detailing features and benefits for helicopters. Organized by airframe, the new app lets customers access the information relevant to their operations, including step-by-step IBF installation instructions, tutorials on filter cleaning and maintenance and pull-apart views of filter details.

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