Siemens Adds Miami-Dade Contract

Siemens Industry, Inc.’s Mobility and Logistics Division and the Miami-Dade County Aviation Department (MDAD) announce the completion of the Siemens contract for Miami International Airport’s new, fully automated baggage handling system (BHS). The North Terminal Development (NTD) Program’s new integrated baggage handling and explosion detection system is the largest conventional baggage system in the United States, with more than 14 miles of conveyor transportation and screening luggage from152 ticket counters to more than 50 gates, and the ability to process more than 40,000 bags per day.

The majority of the $220 million system, roughly 91 percent of the total system, began operation in March 2012 and has processed over 10 million bags to date. The successful startup in March allowed crews to demolish the old baggage system and renovate remaining building areas to prepare for the final phase of the new baggage system.

Siemens and MDAD have developed the final phase of the system so the complex, multiple-year contract could be completed and the remaining stages could be finished under a new completion agreement. This leverages MDAD’s oversight and Siemens’ technical expertise with the capability of local partners to complete the final coordination stages of the project.

“We’ve worked very closely together to make this collaborative arrangement possible. We are satisfied with Siemens’ performance and the solution that they have provided,” said Juan Carlos Arteaga, MDAD NTD Program Director.

The remaining stages will integrate three additional explosion detection systems, three baggage carousels, one ticket counter, and further improvements to the North Terminal’s Federal Inspection Service (FIS) facility and recheck area.

“Siemens, MDAD, and its local partners will continue to collaborate on the remaining portions of the system as it is brought online to complement the overall project,” said Terry Heath, president, Mobility and Logistics Division, Siemens Infrastructure & Cities. “The Siemens team remains committed to the success of this project and to our very important customers in Miami International Airport.”

Portions of the remaining project scope go live in the next couple of months with the final cut-in scheduled near the end of this year.

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