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Aurora Jet Center Joins Avfuel FBO Network

AURORA, OR / February 22, 2013 / GENERAL AVIATION NEWS / Oregon’s Aurora Jet Center, located a convenient 22 miles south of downtown Portland and a preferred alternative to PDX, recently joined the Avfuel branded FBO network. Aurora Jet Center now offers Avfuel Contract Fuel, AVTRIP rewards and more.

“The Avfuel network has a great reputation, not only among the other FBOS we spoke with but also with pilots. Avfuel Contract Fuel has a devoted customer base, and AVTRIP Points are a real draw,” said Kathy Layton, Aurora Jet Center General Manager. “Avfuel’s products and services are very complimentary to the array of advantages we were already offering customers.”

Among those advantages: the aforementioned proximity to Portland; pilot amenities including a lounge area with satellite television, crew car, heated hangars, showers and laundry; passenger offerings including a 24-hour, comfortable lobby, ramp-side ground transportation, on-site rental cars, conference facilities, Starbucks coffee and a variety of complimentary snacks. The FBO has relationships with several local hotels which offer complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport, and can also arrange for town car or limousine transportation. Gourmet catering and quick meals for purchase are available.

These details, along with the personalized attention and superior care provided by Aurora Jet Center’s highly-trained staff, made the FBO a desirable addition to the Avfuel network, said Marci Ammerman, Avfuel Vice President, Marketing. “Avfuel FBOs are an extension of the Avfuel brand, and we value partners that set and maintain high standards. Aurora Jet Center definitely embodies what we consider to be the characteristics of a premier FBO.”

In addition to downtown Portland, Aurora Jet Center is accessible to a number of Oregon’s attractions, including acclaimed wine regions and Mount Hood, as well as a number of golf courses, spas, and family-friendly attractions like the Portland Zoo. For more information, visit www.aurorajetcenter.com.

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Contacts: Aurora Jet Center: Kathy Layton, General Manager, 503-678-1336,
klayton@aurorajetcenter.com, URL: www.aurorajetcenter.com

Avfuel Corporation: Marci Ammerman, Vice President Marketing, 734-663-6466, mammerman@avfuel.com, URL: www.avfuel.com, www.facebook.com/avfuel, Twitter: @Avfuel