Movie Time at Frankfurt Airport: New Videos for Passengers

Transfer, take one: Frankfurt Airport is taking new approaches to informing passengers. Instead of dry, boring announcements, now an entertaining film shows how easy and attractive it is to change planes in Frankfurt. The story: a woman forgets her scarf while deplaning. Another passenger grabs it and keeps an eye out for its owner as he heads for his connecting flight. The camera follows both of them through the terminals, showing almost coincidentally all that Frankfurt Airport has to offer transfer passengers. The story naturally has a happy end: the woman gets her scarf back, and the two become friends.

About half of the passengers who pass through Frankfurt Airport change planes there. The airport has implemented a long list of improvements specifically with them in mind, which are shown in the film: free shuttles let them get from one gate to another quickly and conveniently. Monitor screens show how long it will take to walk to their departure gates. If time is short, there are so-called fast lanes at the security checks. Those with more time on their hands can find shops and restaurants for every taste in the terminal buildings. Friendly service guides help them find their way, and they can also navigate using the FRA App on their smartphones.

The two main characters from the transfer film also play the leading roles in a new, second video that has just started to be shown at all security checkpoints at Frankfurt Airport: also told amusingly, it helps passengers get ready to be checked: put bags in trays, remove laptops, take off jackets, coats, and belts, place the contents of pockets in a tray. The two characters exchange glances across the lines, then wind up grabbing a bite together on the other side. Afterwards, who knows …

The new films can also be watched on the Internet. They are part of the “Great to have you here!” service program with which the airport is introducing a wide range of improvements to make it even easier and more convenient for passengers to depart from and transfer at Germany’s largest aviation hub. In 2012, Frankfurt Airport welcomed more than 57 million passengers.

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