Timken Announces Bell-Approved Replacement Parts

     CANTON, Ohio: Feb.21, 2013 — The Timken Company (NYSE: TKR; www.timken.com) continues to grow its aerospace aftermarket business, developing additional replacement part offerings, engine overhaul services and facility investments. Timken will exhibit its full-range of aerospace aftermarket parts and services along with original equipment capabilities at HELI-EXPO 2013, Booth N4836, March 5 – 7 in Las Vegas, Nev.

     Timken provides precision-engineered bearings, related components and assemblies for aerospace OEM and aftermarket customers, bringing together 75 years of industry expertise. The company’s aerospace aftermarket capabilities include Bell-Approved Replacement Parts for the following Bell part numbers:






Bell P/N                                                   Timken P/N                        Description

204-010-404-001                                ASI-4010-404-1                    RING ASSEMBLY SWASHPLATE GIMBAL

204-011-116-001                                ASI-4011-116-1                    NUT, RETENTION STRAP, MAIN ROTOR

204-011-120-005                                ASI-4011-120-5                    PITCH HORN ASSEMBLY,  MAIN ROTOR

204-011-121-009                                ASI-4011-121-9                    MAIN ROTOR GRIP

204-011-143-005                                TAI-4011-143-005               BARREL DRAG BRACE ASSY

204-011-151-001                                ASI-4011-151-1                    BOLT- BLADE, MAIN ROTOR ASSEMBLY

204-011-402-127                                ASI-4011-402-127               RING, INNER SWASHPLATE

204-011-403-001                                ASI-4011-403-1                    RING ASSEMBLY, OUTER SWASHPLATE

204-011-404-125                                ASI-4011-404-125               SUPPORT ASSEMBLY, SWASH PLATE

204-011-408-105                                ASI-4011-408-105               SLEEVE, COLLECTIVE

204-012-102-009                                ASI-4012-102-009               FITTING, RETENTION STRAP, MAIN ROTOR ASSEMBLY

204-012-103-001                                ASI-4012-103-001               FITTING, RETENTION STRAP, OUTBOARD, MAIN ROTOR

204-012-103-005                                ASI-4012-103-005               FITTING, RETENTION STRAP, OUTBOARD, MAIN ROTOR

204-030-061-001                                TAI-4030-061-001               SUPPORT, 5TH MOUNT TRANSMISSION ASSY

204-040-359-001                                TAI-4040-359-001               TOP CASE, XMSN

205-011-711-101                                TAI-5011-711-101               GRIP ASSEMBLY- STEEL, TAIL ROTOR

209-011-711-001                                ASI-9011-711-001               IDLER, TAIL ROTOR CONTROL, ASSEMBLY

212-010-775-001                                TAI-2010-775-001               CROSSHEAD CONTROLS


     “These parts provide even more options for our customers,” said Larry Shiembob, director of the aerospace aftermarket for Timken. “These parts are in stock and can be ordered quickly and easily by calling customer service at 480-606-3130. “

     Timken aerospace products span the lifecycle of commercial and military rotary and fixed-wing aircraft, supporting Model 250, PT6 and T53 engines; auxiliary power units (APUs); and Bell UH-1, AH-1, 204, 206, 212 and 312 helicopters. 

    For the full line of Timken aerospace products and capabilities, visit www.timken.com/aerospace.


About The Timken Company

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