Timken Announces Bell-Approved Replacement Parts

Timken will exhibit its full-range of aftermarket parts and services at HELI-EXPO 2013.

     CANTON, Ohio: Feb.21, 2013 — The Timken Company (NYSE: TKR; www.timken.com) continues to grow its aerospace aftermarket business, developing additional replacement part offerings, engine overhaul services and facility investments. Timken will exhibit its full-range of aerospace aftermarket parts and services along with original equipment capabilities at HELI-EXPO 2013, Booth N4836, March 5 – 7 in Las Vegas, Nev.

     Timken provides precision-engineered bearings, related components and assemblies for aerospace OEM and aftermarket customers, bringing together 75 years of industry expertise. The company’s aerospace aftermarket capabilities include Bell-Approved Replacement Parts for the following Bell part numbers:






Bell P/N                                                   Timken P/N                        Description

204-010-404-001                                ASI-4010-404-1                    RING ASSEMBLY SWASHPLATE GIMBAL

204-011-116-001                                ASI-4011-116-1                    NUT, RETENTION STRAP, MAIN ROTOR

204-011-120-005                                ASI-4011-120-5                    PITCH HORN ASSEMBLY,  MAIN ROTOR

204-011-121-009                                ASI-4011-121-9                    MAIN ROTOR GRIP

204-011-143-005                                TAI-4011-143-005               BARREL DRAG BRACE ASSY

204-011-151-001                                ASI-4011-151-1                    BOLT- BLADE, MAIN ROTOR ASSEMBLY

204-011-402-127                                ASI-4011-402-127               RING, INNER SWASHPLATE

204-011-403-001                                ASI-4011-403-1                    RING ASSEMBLY, OUTER SWASHPLATE

204-011-404-125                                ASI-4011-404-125               SUPPORT ASSEMBLY, SWASH PLATE

204-011-408-105                                ASI-4011-408-105               SLEEVE, COLLECTIVE

204-012-102-009                                ASI-4012-102-009               FITTING, RETENTION STRAP, MAIN ROTOR ASSEMBLY

204-012-103-001                                ASI-4012-103-001               FITTING, RETENTION STRAP, OUTBOARD, MAIN ROTOR

204-012-103-005                                ASI-4012-103-005               FITTING, RETENTION STRAP, OUTBOARD, MAIN ROTOR

204-030-061-001                                TAI-4030-061-001               SUPPORT, 5TH MOUNT TRANSMISSION ASSY

204-040-359-001                                TAI-4040-359-001               TOP CASE, XMSN

205-011-711-101                                TAI-5011-711-101               GRIP ASSEMBLY- STEEL, TAIL ROTOR

209-011-711-001                                ASI-9011-711-001               IDLER, TAIL ROTOR CONTROL, ASSEMBLY

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