GE Aviation Demonstrates Highest Core Temperatures in Aviation History

Core Testing and Initial Design Review Completed on Advanced Engine Technologies


The ADVENT and AETD variable cycle engines are improving on the YF120 design while integrating technologies developed through GE Aviation’s $600 million investment in commercial engine programs, such as high pressure compressors and lightweight CMCs in the high- and low-pressure turbines that  result in reduced engine weight and minimize the need for cooling. The ADVENT engine will be GE’s highest overall pressure ratio military engine, resulting in a significant fuel consumption improvement compared to today’s engines.


Click HERE to watch a 1-minute video on GE’s ADVENT testing progress.
Click HERE to see how GE manufactures CMC materials.


The AETD contract returns a competitive fighter engine environment for future generation military aircraft. GE is the only engine manufacturer to be competitively awarded contracts to develop variable cycle technology for the ADVENT and AETD programs. Both programs are designed for future strike, bomber and other tactical aircraft.


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