Aviation Consultancy Launches Independent Advisory Services For Aircraft Owners

Toronto, ON, Canada — A new independent aviation consultancy with offices in San Diego and Toronto has just been launched! The Aviation Home Office offers a broad range of advisory services for aircraft owners and buyers along with corporate and government operators. The focus of these services is on ensuring reduced operational and management costs, full transparency, and complete supplier accountability. This will benefit aircraft owners in both the United States and Canada. The consultancy is entirely client-based and does not engage in sales or other industry activities.

Aircraft are expensive to operate and managing the costs can be overwhelming and very difficult to interpret. In corporate aviation, “billing” mistakes as one example frequently go undetected. Understanding aviation invoices and bills requires expertise that few owners possess in-house. The majority of aircraft owners are in fact left with little choice but to rely on their management company to provide them with the correct information. Likewise, aircraft lessors and other financial institutions with aircraft portfolios have an interest in protecting underlying aircraft values. This is where The Aviation Home Office steps in and becomes an important source of independent aircraft value protection. Combined with ongoing operational quality monitoring, The Aviation Home Office will help protect asset residuals, provides checks and balances and become a trusted “second set of eyes” for owners, operators, and lenders.

The Aviation Home Office acts in aircraft owners' interest providing independent expertise and professional services on a fiduciary basis. “Trust between the customer and the management company is important,” states Rich Gage, Chair of The Aviation Home Office. “Management companies know their customers have limited knowledge in relation to aircraft operations and costs. The Aviation Home Office is here to assist owners in examining the fine details, and provide valuable advice that will reduce owner costs and ensure improved operational and safety performance by aircraft managers.”

The Aviation Home Office website (www.theaviationhomeoffice.com) officially launched January 31st, 2013. The site is already helping aircraft owners gain full insight into all areas of management activity that impact cost, safety, and quality and to ensure full benefit from investment dollars.

About The Aviation Home Office:

The Aviation Home Office is an independent consultancy offering professional, qualified and expert advice on aircraft operations and the difficult decisions that must be made in corporate aviation. The core team was formed in 2008 to assist U.S. and Canadian financial service sectors. The firm has broadened its reach and assists individual and corporate aircraft owners and operators on a global level. The Aviation Home Office team has extensive experience managing large operating and management companies, as well as crew and maintenance experience. Team members have also performed operational and safety audits all over the world and several have extensive backgrounds in management security systems and procedures as well as regulatory requirements worldwide.