World's largest aviation support and logistics company to expand markets in 2013

ALBUQUERQUE — CSI Aviation, a global leader in aviation support and logistics, announced today that it will be expanding its operations into additional international markets, while at the same time rebranding its marketing program in support of those efforts. Some markets targeted for expansion include corporate air transportation and federal government operations.


CSI Aviation is a service-oriented, Albuquerque-based company that was founded in 1979 by Allen E. Weh. With a $25,000 bank loan, hard work and great vision, Weh built CSI Aviation from a one-man business into one of the world’s most respected aviation support companies.  The CSI team specializes in designing and implementing complex air transportation programs that include everything from emergency evacuation and movement of people to retrofitting aircraft to accommodate special security or delicate cargo transport needs.  


“Since founding the company, I have seen the markets shift and change. But never in my 34 years at the helm of this company have I seen more opportunities to provide aviation support than we are seeing today,” Weh said. “We are excited to push forward and introduce this company to new markets around the world, and bring our unparalleled experience and our commitment to service to their industries and operations.”


CSI Aviation operates globally and serves customers that include Fortune 500 corporations, federal agencies, athletic organizations, the film industry, energy and oil and gas industries, and more.