LithFire-X, LLC

LithFire-X is Contracted by EPA to Protect Battery Testing Facilities

DETROIT, Michigan – LithFire-X LLC, a Detroit-based specialty fire and safety management company, has been contracted by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to provide safety and emergency response support and fire suppression alternatives for battery test functions at EPA vehicle test facilities. The EPA is charged with testing all vehicles that are sold in the United States and recently launched a program for the testing of batteries used in electric and hybrid platforms.

With the anticipated rise in fuel standards comes a greater opening for electric (EV) and hybrid vehicles. The EPA moved quickly to develop and implement the safest testing environment possible. The goal is to protect EPA staff, first responders, local communities, and the environment from the negative effects of unforeseen battery fires. While Li-Ion and other batteries technologies employed in electric vehicles are generally safe and offer many benefits, they do have a down side. They are subject to a growing fire concern. There have been a number of recent fire events around the world that have raised a red flag regarding EV battery safety.

“LithFire-X integrates multiple disciplines to provide the best fire management solutions for our clients," said Ron Butler, Senior Partner at LithFire-X. “Our goal is not to demonize battery technologies; in fact, we think they represent great alternative energy solutions. We are, however, in the business of keeping people and businesses safe, so we advocate preparedness.”

The EPA, along with a number of other companies, recognizes the risks associated with testing, shipping, and storing high-output batteries. As their testing volume expands, so does the risk of the unforeseen fire or emergency event. These concerns will only grow as Industry experts forecast an increased demand for Li-Ion and other battery technologies in the very near future. “We agree with the industry predictions that high-output battery platforms, certainly electric and hybrid vehicles, will increasingly dominate their industries,” said Butler. “We offer our clients the most effective means to protect their people and environments.”