Attacking "Corporate" Jets a Costly Political Gimmick

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA – Daniel Fisher, vice president of legislative affairs at the Aeronautical Repair Station Association (ARSA) issued the following statement in response to policymakers threatening to alter the depreciation schedules for companies using general aviation aircraft.

β€œThe call to reduce the depreciation schedule for general aviation aircraft is nothing more than a political gambit. It will negatively impact the entire aviation industry β€” a sector that lifts the American economy, creating jobs for millions of people in communities across the country.

"While the proposal is targeted at manufacturers and business jet owners, the impact would hit just about everyone in the aviation sector, from parts suppliers to repair stations. ARSA encourages lawmakers to reject measures that would disproportionately hurt the hardworking men and women of the aviation industry.”

ARSA is an Alexandria, Virginia-based trade association that represents aviation maintenance and manufacturing companies. Founded in 1984, the association has a distinguished record of advocating for repair stations, providing regulatory compliance assistance to the industry, and representing repair stations on Capitol Hill and in the media. More information is available at