Satair Appointed Distributor of HOLMCO Aviation Products in North and South America

From February 1 Satair will be distributing HOLMCO’s aviation handsets, headsets and microphones to the North and South American market. HOLMCO develops and produces electro-acoustic equipment for voice transmission with wide application across the Airbus fleet.

“Satair is very pleased to expand the partnership with HOLMCO and support the large and rapidly expanding Airbus fleet in North and South America,” says Rick Tonney, Managing Director for Satair USA. ”By making an investment in spares and utilizing our full scope of sales, marketing and supply chain capabilities, Satair continues to broaden our value proposition to our airline and MRO customers.”

HOLMCO’s President, Eberhardt Wolfram says, “HOLMCO remains committed to raise customer satisfaction; Satair has been our business partner for close to 20 years and we have built a high level of trust and confidence in Satair’s ability to raise delivery performance to world class standards. I believe the combination of HOLMCO’s innovative product design and technology together with Satair’s proven capability and commitment to service and spares support advances this goal.”


HOLMCO, founded in 1919, develops and produces electro-acoustic equipment for voice transmission in a noisy environment. The product range includes microphones, handsets and headsets, supporting Airbus, Bombardier and Embraer as well as Comac, Sukhoi and Beriev.

The Berlin based company has 116 employees and is a certified Production Organisation for Aviation products.

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