EPIC Introduces New App Offering

San Antonio, TX-January 23, 2013 – In conjunction with the NBAA S&D Conference in San Antonio, EPIC has announced the release of the iGo EPIC app. The show serves as the perfect place to create awareness with schedulers and dispatchers about this latest offering from EPIC which will serve as a valuable planning tool for them, as well as for pilots relying on mobile devices for real time FBO pricing.

The iGo EPIC app offers easy search functionality and fuel pricing for FBOs within the EPIC FBO Network. For EPIC Cardholders there’s an added convenience of getting account specific pricing by FBO location. Plus, iGo EPIC offers quick access to Bravo Rewards information and account login.


“It was important to us to make sure the app we created would serve not just as a locator tool, but provide account specific pricing that our EPIC cardholders count on for their flight planning,” explains John Nelson, EPIC Chief Products Officer.


Attendees to the S&D Conference can stop by EPIC booth #1132 for a demo of the app or to learn more about EPIC programs and services. The app is currently available in the iTunes app store.


For more information about EPIC visit www.EPICaviationllc.com.


About EPIC

EPIC is an aviation fuel supplier with primary operations throughout the U.S. and Canada including the EPIC FBO Network and UVair FBO Network. EPIC’s supply system consists of nearly 300 supply points in the U.S. and Canada selected to provide our customers with a reliable and secure fuel supply. The system utilizes a broad network of refineries, terminals, pipelines, and railcars to serve over 4,000 diverse customers including Airlines, Cargo Operators, Business Aviation Flight Departments, Fixed Base Operators and Resellers. EPIC specializes in innovative customer solutions and industry leading fuel quality assurance programs. Learn more about EPIC at www.EPICaviationllc.com