SkyQuest International, LLC Named Quest KODIAK Authorized Dealer

Winston-Salem, NC,  January 16, 2013 SkyQuest International, LLC,  along with Fayard Enterprises, LLC, is pleased to announce their appointment as authorized dealers for the Quest KODIAK. SkyQuest KODIAK Sales Africa, LLC is the exclusive Quest KODIAK dealer for the continent of Africa, and SkyQuest KODIAK Sales USA, LLC is the exclusive dealer for the U.S. Mid-Atlantic  states of North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Ohio. In addition to these geographical areas, SkyQuest  will serve as the sole authorized KODIAK sales representative for skydiving applications. 


Headquartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, SkyQuest International, LLC has been an industry leader in aircraft sales and remarketing, acquisitions, appraisals, management and consulting since its conception in 1999.  SkyQuest’s extensive list of worldwide clients  and contacts makes it perfectly suited as a dealer for the Quest KODIAK.  SkyQuest  International  along with Fayard Enterprises, LLC of Wake Forest, North Carolina, is able to rely on years of knowledge and experience for their comprehensive expertise in aircraft sales. “The KODIAK is the perfect fit for the markets we have served and lived in for the past 25 years”, says Greg Melang, President and Founder of SkyQuest International. “We look forward to a successful relationship with Quest Aircraft Company and the customer base this outstanding aircraft will serve.” 


The KODIAK is the new standard  in 10 place utility turboprops; one aircraft for many missions. It shines in applications where there is a need for maximum functionality without compromising comfort and style. For personal, commercial, and amphibious use and everything in between, this ruggedly-designed aircraft combines a resilient aluminum construction with superior STOL performance and high useful load.


The aircraft is designed to perform in the most treacherous of locations. It can take off in under 1,000 feet at full gross weight and climb at over 1,300 feet per minute. It requires only 705 feet to bring the full 7,305 pounds of gross weight to a stop, even on the roughest strips; no airport required.  A comprehensive set of  performance options is available to outfit  the KODIAK to your exact needs, including  oversized tires, cargo drop package, external baggage compartment, and parachute options, to name a few.  The aircraft is easily equipped for humanitarian,  air ambulance, skydive, and surveillance missions. 


Not only is the KODIAK a  leader in performance, it offers exceptional comfort, convenience, and aesthetics.   The beautiful Tundra and Timberline interiors  offer portable, lightweight, yet comfortable, seats that allow for easy conversion to freight configurations. Both interiors are available in two different color variants and are wellsuited for a wide variety of missions.  Eight (8) paint schemes are available, and fullycustomized paint, including a Metallic Modification is available as an option.  In the KODIAK, you’ll always travel in style. 


To learn more about SkyQuest’s four (4) available 2012 models, or for more information on ordering your customized 2013 KODIAK, please visit