America Depends On General Aviation

The aviation community understands the benefits general aviation brings to communities (small and large) across the country.  However, many non-aviation business, community, and government leaders do not.


The Florida Aviation Trades Association (FATA) has developed an advocacy program – Beyond the Runway, Why General Aviation Means Business to help educate non-aviation business, community, and government leaders and we’re asking for your support to take this program to a national audience.

With the assistance of Aviation Management Consulting Group, we have presented this program at FATA’s Annual Conference in Florida.  We now have the opportunity to launch the program before a national audience at the Women in Aviation International Conference in Nashville in March of 2013. FATA Executive Director, Paula Raeburn, will be a presenter.


The more our non-aviation friends know about the general aviation industry, the better prepared they will be to advocate for the industry when it’s threatened by regulations, tax increases, budget cuts, and airport closures. 


There are so many everyday activities that directly impact every community in America that are related to general aviation and in many cases, the role and importance of general aviation is not known and/or the value and benefits are taken for granted.  Too often, many think that the general aviation is for the rich and famous who use private aircraft for personal travel only.


This program is targeted specifically to the non-aviation community and it will demonstrate the role and importance of general aviation to everyone.  We have the responsibility to ensure that general aviation (and the value and benefits it provides to communities across the country) are clearly understood. It will be distributed through the aviation community. Sponsors will be recognized as aviation leaders who care about our future.


We anticipate a cost of $20,000 - $25,000 to produce video and supporting materials. Will you invest in the future of general aviation advocacy? Contact Paula Raeburn, or (321)383-9662 for details.