Texas A&M-Corpus Christi Conducts Drone Mission over South Texas Ranch to Collect Data and Train Students

RS-16 manufacturer American Aerospace Advisors Inc. (AAAI) will train six University personnel in various aspects of the aircraft's operations, including ground-crew activities and the roles of mission commander and observer.

Dr. Luis Cifuentes, University Vice President for Research, Commercialization and Outreach, said research was but one piece of a complex effort.

“We call it the Lone Star UAS Initiative,” Cifuentes said. “We're not the only state in this hunt. There are at least 40 others. To be competitive, we will need all of the pieces working together – industrial, military, research, governmental and political.”

The University’s January missions are but one demonstration of Texas' operational capacities, Cifuentes said. “We want to establish a track record, not just here but wherever Texas entities have operational COAs.”

University President Flavius Killebrew said, “UAS research and development promises to be what some are calling the next ‘Kittyhawk moment’ in aviation history. For the sake of our economic growth, Texas must be a player.”

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