TAP Maintenance and Engineering

TAP M&E Brazil Innovates Once Again

Rio de Janeiro, January 15, 2013 – TAP M&E Brazil implemented the “Minor Checks” Project, which aims to meet the growing demand of Aviation Market in Brazil in quick services (aircraft light maintenance). Without slots reserved in the hangars, customers’ services span 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all models of Airbus, ATR, Boeing and Embraer operating in/to Brazil.

Mr. Antonio Carraça will coordinate the "Minor Checks" Project. He brings to TAP over 30 years of experience, he is regarded as a specialist in Aircraft Maintenance in the country and thus contributes for a qualitative and quantitative growth to meet the demand of all national and international Airline Companies operating in Brazil under ANAC, FAA, EASA, DGAC, TCCA certifications, among others.

From the beginning of February TAP M&E Brazil is ready and structured with all the expertise and tools necessary to meet its customers’ demands. Up to 8 service boxes located inside TAP M&E Brazil facilities, in the airports of Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre will be available.