Legend Cub Becoming The Top Choice For Tailwheel Instruction

SULPHUR SPRINGS, TEXAS, JANUARY 14, 2013 – American Legend Aircraft Company announced today its Legend Cub has won the favor of numerous flight schools for both sport flying and tailwheel training. As sales of light-sport aircraft (LSA) gain momentum, the Legend Cub continues to lead in this category, as it has since its introduction and first flight in 2005. As a tailwheel training platform, the Legend Cub has no equal — pilots are learning proficiency skills that apply to any aircraft.

The Legend Cub is a modern incarnation of the venerable Piper Cub and today serves as an optimum training platform as did Piper models of the past. The Legend Cub was conceived by incorporating the best features of the Piper design with the addition of a short list of features most desired by today’s pilots. The Legend Cub draws on the best characteristics of vintage J-3, PA-11 and Super Cub models, and meets the certification requirements for LSA operations. This is a significant achievement, bringing down the cost of flying for student and sport pilots. Typical rental rates for the Legend Cub are around $100/hour with fuel compared to $150/hour-plus in common trainers such as many Cessna models.

The Legend Cub flies like a Cub. This one of the most honest remarks often heard about its performance. When other aircraft are said to fly like a Cub, as pilots often do, it is intended as a compliment. Furthermore, many pilots agree that tailwheel proficiency is less novelty and more safe flying skills. The skills acquired by tailwheel pilots can be applied to any fixed wing aircraft and to pilots at any level. Tailwheel proficiency applies to the handing of an aircraft especially when it comes to landing, and certainly when landing under challenging conditions. Tailwheel instruction in a Legend Cub means the pilot will learn to use rudder and ailerons together to control headwind, tailwind, and crosswinds.

Operating a tailwheel aircraft (a.k.a. taildragger or conventional gear aircraft) requires a “tailwheel endorsement” specified by Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) section 651.31(i). A tailwheel endorsement is both a specialization and a privilege. It allows a pilot to achieve more, and enjoy more. Many flight schools have recognized this fact and the strengths of the Legend Cub in training. Flight schools operating a Legend Cub include:

  • Gary Wing in San Diego, California, flythewing.com
  • Waco Flying Service of Waco, Texas, fly254.com
  • Ferguson Aviation Academy of Pensacola, Florida, fergusonaviation.com

David McCartney, co-owner and instructor at Ferguson Aviation Academy, took delivery of two new Legend Cubs at the end of 2012. After flying other aircraft, academy owners decided on the Legend Cubs for their flight school in part because of the honest nature of the Legend Cub. McCartney commented, “The Legend Cub performed just like a Cub. It is a clean flying airplane.” He went on to note that it truly fits the light-sport category. “It’s not a watered down Husky, nor an attempt to crossover light-sport with a high-performance aircraft. While training, it is important to learn that you can’t always power out of a problem.” Others who have been offering flight training in the Legend Cub for some time include:

  • Mike Hart in North Hampton, New Hampshire, hamptonairfield.com
  • Aero Country of McKinney (Dallas), Texas, tail-wheel.com
  • Bruce Bohannon in Angleton (Houston), Texas, flyingtiger.net
  • Foothill Aircraft of Upland (Los Angeles), California, foothillaircraft.com

American Legend Aircraft Company manufactures the Legend Cub and Super Legend—both FAA-certified aircraft for sport, recreation and training. These aircraft are powered by tried-and-true Continental and Lycoming engines. Available options include floats, tundra tires, ballistic parachute, glass panel, autopilot, and more. Legend Cub kit aircraft allow amateur builders to create and fly their own custom version of a Cub. Kit models can be certified to 1,700 GTOW and offer a variety of powerplant and configuration options.

For further information, contact American Legend Aircraft Company at 1810 Piper Lane, Sulphur Springs, Texas 75482; call 903-885-7000, or log on to www.legend.aero, facebook.com/LegendAircraft.