Certification for ITP Engineering and Manufacturing (ITP I&F), Industria de Tuberías Aeronáuticas Mexico (ITAM) and Turborreactores (ITR)

In December the ITP Group Querétaro Centre (Mexico) was awarded the AENOR certification in accordance with international standard ISO 14001 for the Environmental Management systems of its three companies: ITP Engineering and Manufacturing (ITP I&F), Industria de Tuberías Aeronáuticas Mexico (ITAM) and Turborreactores (ITR).  These three latest certificates, added to those already awarded to ITP (Ajalvir, Albacete, San Fernando and Zamudio), PCB, all of them located in Spain, and ITP Engines UK, mean that the majority of  ITP Group production centres now have externally certified environmental management systems.

The certification process was long and complex following the recent reorganisation of the former ITR into the three new companies. This new situation demanded the adaptation, in less than a year, of the entire environmental management system along with all of the permits, licences and administrative procedures, including major changes in relationships with the Querétaro Federal Authorities and the Mexican State Administration.

Environmental management systems allow us to constantly control and reduce the impact that our activities, products and services have on the environment. These latest certificates serve to reaffirm ITP’s commitment as a company that has a commitment to Ethics & Social Responsibility at the heart of its values and its Environmental Policy.

In 2012, these new certificates for Querétaro followed on from the ISO 14001 certificate awarded to ITP Albacete and the renewal of those already held by our remaining centres: ISO 14001 at ITP Zamudio, Ajalvir and San Fernando, ITPUK and PCB, and EMAS European Registration at Ajalvir, San Fernando, Zamudio and PCB.


The ITP group, made up of SENER (53.125%) and Rolls-Royce (46.875%), includes among its activities such areas as Design, Research & Development, Manufacture and Casting, as well as the Assembly and Testing of aeronautical engines and gas turbines. It is also the official maintenance service provider for the majority of the world’s currently active engine manufacturers. The ITP Group has 18 production centres in Spain, Great Britain, Malta, the USA, India and Mexico, and a staff of 2,800 workers.