Piper Experiences a Smooth 2012, Celebrates 75th Anniversary

As the company firmly level-loaded increased aircraft production and deliveries, it continued to globally expand its dealer network.

Piper named Duran Aviation Inc. as a dealer for new airplane sales in Central America. Duran Aviation is a part of Company Consultenos, S.A., which is a family-owned company that is involved in several businesses, including automotive, golfing, and real estate.

The company exhibited a major portion of its training and business aircraft line at AERO Friedrichshafen on the shores of Lake Constance in Germany. The company partnered with Piper Generalvertretung Deutschland Ag, SimAvia Russia and Winters Aviation in Belgium and France, which displayed their demonstrator aircraft at the show.

Piper Aircraft Inc. completed delivery of 18 Piper Warrior training aircraft to Sekolah Tinggi Penerbang Indonesia, the government flight school at Budiarto Airport in Curug, Indonesia. Sekolah Tinggi Penerbang Indonesia (STPI) educates pilots under the auspices of the Ministry of Transportation for the Republic of Indonesia.


The company announced that its dealers in Europe had noted a sales trend toward new, more fuel-efficient Piper airplanes as companies downsized from twin-engine aircraft. Early year performance was stronger than anticipated for the entire year.

Piper added the Kelly Aerospace ThermaCool air-conditioning system to new 2012 twin-engine Piper Seminoles and made the system available via retrofit for the Seminole fleet.


Piper Aircraft Inc. and Winters Aviation, its authorized aircraft dealer in France and Belgium, exhibited three M-Class single-engine turboprop Meridians at the 6th Cannes International General Aviation Exhibition at Cannes-Mandelieu Airport. While at the show, Piper and Winters Aviation sold the 10th new M-Class single-engine aircraft for delivery into the European continent in 2012.


Piper and Pratt & Whitney Canada announced a 10-year agreement for the continuing purchase of PT6A-42A turboprop engines to power Piper's flagship aircraft, the single-engine M-Class Meridian.

Piper Aircraft celebrated the company's and the Piper Cub's 75th Anniversary all week during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2012. Additionally, the company exhibited its single-engine M-Class aircraft lineup and several twin-engine aircraft along with the famed Piper Cub, which launched the company in 1937. EAA AirVenture 2012 also was the initial site for a multistate demonstration tour for the Piper Seneca V twin-engine turbocharged aircraft.

The company named Korea Business Air Service Co. Ltd. as the dealer for new aircraft sales in the Republic of Korea.


Piper named Jeremy Prost, a veteran of aviation in China, as the company's sales manager for Asia. With a focus of developing Piper sales in China, Prost is based in China and reports to Piper's Director of Global Fleet Sales, Chuck Glass.


Piper Aircraft delivered the landmark 500th pressurized single-engine turboprop M-Class Meridian to SouthEast Piper for delivery to a Florida-based owner.

The company and Aircraft Technical Publishers announced that access to all Piper maintenance publications and regulatory documents would be available exclusively through the ATP Aviation Hub™ Online Service and ATP's NavigatorV™ Desktop Platform.

In conjunction with its worldwide dealer network, Piper announced a heavy round of marketing activities and aircraft exhibitions for the remainder of the year. Fresh from presenting Piper airplanes to customers at venues in Brazil, South Africa, Singapore, China and Canada, Piper scheduled aircraft exhibitions at additional aerospace venues in Europe, India, China, Mexico, Africa, Japan and the United States through November.

Piper Aircraft appointed BAYMAP Aviation, Ankara, Turkey, as its dealer for new aircraft sales in the Middle Eastern country that straddles Southeastern Europe and Southwestern Asia.


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