Raisbeck and Hartzell Combine to Develop and Certify New Swept Turbofan Propeller Family for King Airs

The effort has culminated in the FAA certification of the Raisbeck/Hartzell Swept Turbofan Propeller for the King Air 200/B200/B200GT.

Davud Kasparov, Raisbeck’s resident CFD and propeller design expert, took over the program’s full responsibilities, and became its Project Engineer and Program Manager.  He has successfully integrated Raisbeck’s in-house capabilities with Hartzell’s, and added outside technical consultants and DER engineers as necessary.  Kasparov said the whole experience has been exhilarating.  “Seeing a new concept through from the beginning sketches to the finished product and delivered to the end user is a real thrill, and an ample technical reward for me,” he commented.

The test and certification airplane, BB-1611, was supplied by long-time Raisbeck customer Ballard Aviation of Wichita, Kansas.  The flight tests, conducted by AeroAcoustics of Everett, Washington  included direct comparisons of performance and noise levels for three different propellers: the existing Hartzell/Beech B200/B200GT 93? OEM prop, the existing Raisbeck/Hartzell 200/B200/B200GT 94? Turbofan Power Prop, and the new 96? Swept Turbofan Propeller.  Only after positive comparison was the decision made to complete certification.

Now in the hands of Raisbeck’s Marketing and Sales team, the Swept Turbofan Propeller is available for purchase directly from Raisbeck and through its 100+ dealers throughout the world.  The Swept Turbofan Propeller can be purchased alone or in combination with all other Raisbeck Performance Systems, including its EPIC PLATINUM Performance Package.   2013 price for a complete shipset of the Swept Turbofans is $83,400.  This represents a premium of $8,900 per shipset over the prices of the current Raisbeck Turbofan Power Props whether alone or in combination with other Raisbeck Systems.  Raisbeck’s current Turbofan Power Props will remain in production and continue to be offered as well.   Complete EPIC package pricing is $149,850 for those King Airs not equipped with any of the EPIC elements.  These include Ram Air Recovery System (RARS), Enhanced Performance Leading Edges (EPLE), and Dual Aft Body Strakes (DABS).  Credit is given for each of these systems already installed.

Raisbeck Engineering continues the tradition of its founder, James D. Raisbeck. It is dedicated to improving personal, business and corporate aircraft by positively affecting the performance, productivity, safety and comfort. Raisbeck does this through infusion of advanced technology with currently flying fleets. To learn more about Raisbeck, visit our website at: www.raisbeck.com.

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