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ADB Airfield Solutions Supports New Phu Quoc Airport

Airports Corporation of Vietnam has selected ADB to implement a complete airfield ground lighting solution at the Phu Quoc International Airport. The airport is one of the key projects undertaken by the authority to prepare for the country’s growing popularity as a tourist destination.

“State-of-the–art airport infrastructure plays a key role in tourism, and with Phu Quoc emerging as Vietnam’s ecotourism gateway, there was a clear need for an advanced, energy-efficient airport with improved airfield safety,” said Christian Onselaere, CEO, ADB. “Our airfield ground lighting solution delivers just that, and goes a long way in helping Airports Corporation of Vietnam ensure air travel remains the safest mode of transportation.”

ADB will implement airfield ground lighting and guidance signs for the taxiway and runway, and install its Airfield Lighting Control System. The company will enable easy power monitoring by providing power equipment including its LV Power Supply System, generator and switch gear. ADB will also supply a fiber optic backbone to increase reliability of communication between various airfield systems. The project’s scope includes commissioning and training services.

The implementation will be completed before the new airport opens later this year.

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