Aerospace RFID is MAINtag Americas' Focus at New Headquarters in Atlanta

December 2012 (Atlanta, Georgia) – MAINtag Americas, affiliated with the French RFID company MAINtag, has established headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, to serve the American aerospace industry including aircraft manufacturers, onboard parts suppliers, airlines and MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) crews.

MAINtag, founded in 2004, has secured an industry position in aerospace parts marking, delivering RFID FLYtag® solutions to more than 45 tier-one and aircraft manufacturers.

“MAINtag Americas is focused on the FLYtag® product line for aviation RFID from Buenos Aires to Montreal,” said Christophe Dissaux, Global Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at MAINtag. Dissaux joined MAINtag in May, 2012 after holding executive positions with Baracoda and Parrot North America.

Dissaux announced the appointment of Alexis Beurdeley as Vice President of MAINtag Americas. “Alexis joined MAINtag in France in 2008 and initiated MAINtag’s entry into the aerospace industry. He will manage MAINtag’s operations in the Americas,” added Dissaux.

“This is a strong message to our North and South American aerospace partners that we are committed to our goal of providing a high-level of service for our FLYtag products," said Beurdeley. "MAINtag Americas can meet any electronic identification and traceability challenge in the aerospace industry. The FLYtag range of products provides cost-effective long-term, highly reliable RFID solutions for marking flyable parts, thus optimizing critical processes such as life cycle management, logistics, inventory and configuration management,” added Beurdeley.

FLYtag takes aerospace RFID to the next level of safety and efficiency with upgrades that make flyable parts smarter for improved collection, handling of critical data, security and value. 

FLYtag’s ATA Spec 2000 web-based calculator allows clients to determine necessary FLYtag memory size. This helps to easily identify costs based on actual need. 

To learn more about the benefits of flyable RFID download All About Aerospace RFID, or view descriptions and specifications of FLYtag products and software

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About MAINtag Americas

MAINtag, originally established in France in 2004 for Maintenance tagging, now provides flyable RFID tracking technologies for the aerospace and defense industries through its FLYtag® brand. FLYtag is committed to providing its partners with reliable and secure products and services to support identification and traceability of flyable parts, ground service equipment, and tooling in order to improve logistics, asset tracking and maintenance processes.