AvPorts Offers One-Stop-Shop Approach To Airport Management Services

Dulles VA — In a corporate effort to augment its one-stop-shop advantage in the scope of airport management services, AvPORTS has appointed Bruce Tarlesky as Director of Airport Marketing.  Mr. Tarlesky will leverage his experience by offering a unique, solutions-based methodology to air service development as well as other important issues of concern to airport owners and operators.  AvPORTS owns, leases and manages airports and related airport infrastructure.  The company’s portfolio currently consists of sixteen airports.


“Rather than looking at the issues of the day from an airline viewpoint,” explains Tarlesky, “we view concerns from an airport’s perspective.”  This approach can differ sharply from that usually taken by an airport management services firm or third-party consultancy, he says.  With over eighty years of diverse skill-sets in the company’s wheelhouse, AvPORTS is recognized as an industry leader with leading-edge strategies and techniques ranging from airside ops management down to landside concession leases and deploying effective parking lot and other common area security measures.


In 2011, AvPORTS unveiled a specialized Air Service Development (ASD) Department, which is designed to work in tandem with Tarlesky’s group in addressing specific business solutions.  “My tactics are always hands-on and face-to-face with the customer, especially in time-sensitive situations,” he added from the new AvPORTS office in Lincoln, Nebraska.


Prior to joining AvPORTS, Mr. Tarlesky had been the director of airport counseling services at Sabre where he was employed since 2005.  His primary focus with Sabre was assisting communities with air service development-related matters that involved attaining new or improved air service, forecasting new route opportunities and identifying regional traffic and revenue leakage.  His plans are to bring working partnerships with the airlines, outside vendors and communities to the table on behalf of AvPORTS airport-customers on both short and long-term assignments.


“This speaks well to our mindset to be ‘ahead of the curve’ in our innovative and solutions-based ideas plus a "one-stop-shop" approach to airport management”, says AvPORTS President/CEO Oswin E. Moore.  With its versatile one-stop-shop culture, AvPORTS has achieved unprecedented growth in contract awards and renewals in its customer portfolio.  The company has never lost a re-bid in its eighty-two years in business.