The European BizAv Market Will Expand to 5,000 Aircraft During the Following Decade

AviaIM Jet Trading experts forecast that the long term perspective for regional fleet numbers of private and corporate aircraft is very likely to increase to as many as 5,000 units.

Hawker Beechcraft has recently stated that numerous Central European countries have faced a significant jump in business jet deliveries from 2007-2011. Poland alone increased its deliveries by 160%. The figures shouldn’t surprise anyone as business aviation has a strong correlation with growth in national GDP. Indeed, the Polish GDP growth rate in 2011 exceeded 4%. The European authorities forecast that Eastern European economies will experience the highest  GDP growth rates in the EU for 2012, with Lithuania to lead the list posting growth of 3.4%

‘There will always be demand for the ability to fly wherever and whenever one wants. With the European economy to continue its recovery, the demand will also be rising. As a result of such developments, we believe that during the following 10 years the European business aviation fleet will see a revival, increasing by roughly 150% and topping 5,000 aircraft,’ concluded Airida Kazlauskaite.

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