AXAREL® 1000: Low Odor, MIL-PRF-680 Solvent Now Available In Pre-Saturated Wipes

Gurnee, IL – Petroferm Inc., Cleaning Products is pleased to announce that AXAREL 1000 Precision Solvent is now available in pre-saturated wipes.   AXAREL 1000 Wipes combine the solvency, low odor and fast dry times of AXAREL 1000 Precision Solvent in a package that is convenient, economical and easy-to-use. They are available in canisters of seventy (70), ten inch by twelve inch (10” x 12”), low lint towels.


In addition to their exceptional performance, AXAREL 1000 Wipes exhibits very low volatility which assists in lowering VOC emissions, fire risk and total cost of ownership. They are the ideal replacement for acetone, isopropyl alcohol (IPA), mineral spirits, PD-680 solvents and other toxic, low-flash point solvents. Safe for use on all alloys and most polymers, AXAREL 1000 Wipes effectively removes greases, hydraulic fluids, mineral oils, lubricants, coolants, synthetics, and particulate matter.  They are suitable for general purpose clean-up, surface preparation and cleaning during manufacturing and repair.    


AXAREL 1000 Precision Solvent is approved by Airbus, Boeing, Honeywell Aerospace, Lockheed Martin, United Airlines and qualified to US Department of Defense MIL-PRF-680
(Type I) solvent degreasing specification. 


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*AXAREL is a registered trademark of Vantage Specialties, Inc.