CLEAR Launches at Westchester County Airport

(WESTCHESTER, NY) CLEAR, the U.S. leader in secure biometric identification, launched its expedited traveler service at Westchester County Airport (HPN) just ahead of the notoriously busy Thanksgiving travel week.  Certified by the Department of Homeland Security as Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology, CLEAR transforms the travel experience by allowing members to use their biometrics (fingerprint or iris) to speed through the checkpoint, saving time, adding predictability, and eliminating stress for all travelers.

“We are always looking for ways to help the traveling public," said County Executive Robert P. Astorino. "With this technology, registered travelers will be able to get through security faster and with less stress, which is particularly beneficial during the holiday travel season."


Westchester County Airport is the third airport this year to introduce CLEAR’s expedited traveler solution.  Also operational in San Francisco, Dallas-Fort Worth, Orlando and Denver, CLEAR’s at-airport kiosks allow passengers to verify their identity using biometrics (fingerprint or iris) at security checkpoints. With automated identity verification and personal customer service, CLEAR members speed through airport security, averaging less than 5 minutes, effectively transforming the travel experience.  CLEAR is working closely with airports across the country to bring its expedited traveler service to business and leisure travelers everywhere.   


“We are thrilled to welcome HPN to CLEAR’s growing nationwide airport network, and as a New York-based company, we look forward to growing our New York area footprint and transforming the travel experience for many busy travelers,” said CLEAR CEO Caryn Seidman-Becker.  “With locations on the East Coast, West Coast, and in Texas, travelers across the country are enjoying CLEAR’s speed, predictability and personalized customer service.”



CLEAR uses biometric technology to identify members and speed them through airport security averaging 5 minutes or less, effectively eliminating lines and transforming travel. Members save time and stress with dedicated lanes that allow them to be identified in just seconds using their unique fingerprint or iris. CLEAR’s secure technology platform delivers certainty of speed and the highest level of service to members at the airport, while also enhancing airport security.


CLEAR operates at San Francisco, Denver, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Orlando international airports, and recently launched at Westchester County Airport in New York. CLEAR has a growing base of over 225,000 members nationwide and is currently expanding to bring its timesaving, secure biometric technology to airports around the country.  Enrollment is fast and easy and can be done at any of CLEAR’s enrollment centers (  For more information on how CLEAR is changing the way people travel, visit