Chicago Jet Group Conducts First Successful Flight

Chicago/Aurora, IL- After five years of work, Chicago Jet Group conducts the first operational flights using the CPDLC and FANS-1A.

Chicago Jet Groups Falcon 50 aircraft flew on September 3rd from Chicago (KARR) to Rejklavik (BIRK), with a fuel stop in Goose Bay (CYYR). The flight was completed successfully using a combination of equipment from Universal Avionics and International Communication Group, ICG.

“I am excited that after five years of struggling to find a solution, the successful flight to Iceland and back proves that we will be able to continue to operate the aircraft without sacrificing range or performance and be able to meet the new requirements.” says Mike Mitera, the Owner and Director of Operations at Chicago Jet Group.

The success of the flights has expanded the avionics capabilities at Chicago Jet Group to include a variety of CPDLC/FANS-1A solutions. Chicago Jet Group is looking for other candidates for possible retrofit programs.

“With the completion of the CPDLC test flight it shows that our capabilities of future advancements are endless,” says Jason Owen, the Director of Maintenance at Chicago Jet Group.