U.S. Aviation Industry, FAA Share Safety Information with NTSB To Help Prevent Accidents

The information, shared through an initiative called the Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing (ASIAS) Executive Board, will help the NTSB determine if an accident is a unique event or an indication of systemic risks.

The NTSB will initiate written requests for ASIAS information related to aircraft accidents involving U.S. air carriers that occur in the United States and address safety issues that both the NTSB and the ASIAS board determine are significant and non-routine or reoccurring. The NTSB will not publicly disclose ASIAS information it receives via the process unless the ASIAS Executive Board agrees.

The NTSB will share with ASIAS its archived air carrier accident and incident flight data recorder information related to a request.

Peggy Gilligan, Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety, FAA and Captain Paul Morell, Vice President, Safety, Security and Environmental Programs, US Airways signed the agreement for the ASIAS Executive Board. David Mayer, Managing Director, signed for the NTSB.

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