Chromalloy Seminar Introduces Tomorrow’s Engineers to Casting Manufacturing

Chromalloy recently held an industrial casting seminar for Virginia State University engineering students, as part of the company’s affiliation with the Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CCAM).


The casting seminar was at Chromalloy’s newest superalloy foundry in Tampa, Florida, and introduced the students to the techniques associated with the latest casting processes.


The seminar exemplified “the CCAM partnership and cooperation between industry and academia,” said Dr. Mike Beffel, Vice President, Chromalloy Castings. 


Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell said, “CCAM is a transformational platform that promotes collaboration between private and educational sectors, allowing advanced manufacturing companies like Chromalloy access to cutting-edge research teams at Virginia’s top educational institutions.”


“CCAM is a centerpiece of Virginia’s efforts to promote research and development and technology commercialization, and Chromalloy’s partnership with Virginia State University is a shining example of what the Center is designed to accomplish. Seminars such as this one offered to VSU engineering students advance knowledge in manufacturing processes and bring innovative solutions to market more quickly,” McDonnell said.


The seminar covered the basics of investment casting including wax injection and assembly of molds, investment, pouring, final part finishing, and proprietary processes developed by Chromalloy.


Chromalloy is an Organizing Member of CCAM, a research based public / private partnership with Virginia’s leading universities – Virginia State University, the University of Virginia and Virginia Tech.  CCAM is headquartered at a new 60,000 square foot research facility in Prince George County, Va., adjacent to the Rolls-Royce jet engine manufacturing facility near Virginia State University. Other CCAM industry members are Rolls-Royce, Siemens, Canon Virginia Inc., Newport News Shipbuilding, Sandvik Coromant, Sulzer Metco, Aerojet and Mitutoyo Corporation.


Chromalloy is a leading supplier of technologically advanced repairs, coatings, and FAA-approved reengineered parts for turbine airfoils and other critical engine components for commercial aerospace, the military and the energy industry.