A J Walter Aviation Uunveils New Corporate Headquarters in a Spectacular Climax to 80 Years in the Aviation Industry

London, November 5th 2012:  In a ceremony that marked A J Walter Aviation’s impressive achievement of reaching 80 years in aviation, and a period of exponential growth which has seen the business double in size in the past five years, , who was Managing Director from 1966 – 2004.


In front of more than 200 invited guests comprised of international airlines, manufacturers, suppliers to the aviation industry, contractors, architects and designers, Christopher Whiteside introduced a specially commissioned film. This began with the pioneering origins of the business in 1932 and, with the benefit of time-lapse photography, charted the construction of the new headquarters which exemplifies the Company’s vision for the future.


Angus Whiteside officially unveiled the commemorative plaque and the whole occasion was summarised by Christopher: “As a global aviation business now celebrating our 80th year, we have established a reputation for delivering exemplary service and going the extra mile. It is this philosophy that has supported the team responsible for the creation of our new headquarters.  Their commitment, enthusiasm and pride in the AJW brand has culminated in this exceptional achievement which not only stands out as a significant construction project in its own right, but also symbolises the importance we place on our workforce of talented young people.


“As one of West Sussex’s largest employers we wanted to make a quantum leap forwards in the provision of exceptional high-tech facilities that will support the future development of the business, but just as important is the working ambience to  sustain the entrepreneurial spirit of our staff.  I believe we have achieved that, and whatever the future holds for AJW, we are ready.”


A J Walter Aviation is the world’s largest independent provider of integrated aircraft support services and works with over 800 airlines around the world across 115 countries. Close to Gatwick airport, an enormous site of over 60 acres supports a new campus facility of nearly a quarter of a million square feet which has been uniquely designed from the ground up to provide staff and visitors with the ultimate working environment.


The use of technology has been maximised throughout the premises to create an energy saving and green workplace. From the world-wide phone system that avoids roaming charges, to paper-less offices served by smart printers instructed via smart phones or iPads, to automatic movement sensitive LED lighting - efficiency and room for future expansion have been the watchwords behind the development.  The temperature controlled warehouse has racking that can be expanded to an area of 161,539 sq. ft. – considerably bigger that the new three bay hangar at Farnborough Airport – solar panels will provide 7,772.61kWh of energy annually, and rainwater is harvested in massive underground tanks to provide useful grey water.


The rural location creates an outstanding backdrop for the eye-catching design and provides a campus-style office environment for AJW’s staff, some of whom are present on site 24/7 to manage the Company’s award winning AOG service for aircraft spare parts.  A restaurant, gym, and club room, plus refreshment break-out and meeting areas on all floors, promote well-being and provide opportunities for conversation and exchange of ideas.


A J Walter Aviation is a world leading specialist in the supply, repair and lease of commercial aircraft spare parts, including services in aircraft engines, aircraft inventory management; power-by-the-hour and pooling support; consignment stock; global 24/7 AOG; component maintenance and overhaul; consumable supplies; logistics and freight management.  AJW offices are based in Singapore, Dubai, London and Miami with further inventory hubs across Europe and North America.  AJW is celebrating its 80th year of aviation support leadership in 2012.  www.ajw-aviation.com