Akzo Nobel Aerospace Coatings

Aerowave 2001 Approved by BAE Systems

 Following an extensive series of tests and trials, BAE Systems has approved Aerowave 2001, a product part of AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings’ Aerowave range.

The Aerowave Series of structural water based coatings sets new standards for minimal process times, reduced cycle costs and environmental care and can be cured both at ambient temperatures or force cured.

Aerowave 2001 is a waterborne epoxy corrosion inhibiting structural primer with a VOC level of <250g/l. Whilst the BAE Systems (R40-6978) specification calls for the product to contain chromate in order to meet the corrosion requirements of the specification, the advanced formulation and choice of raw materials mean that the specification can be achieved with up to 75% less chromate than other chromate containing products.

Fully REACH compliant, with additional environmental benefits of a water based, low VOC emission product, Aerowave 2001 helps users meet their sustainability commitments.

Designed for optimal mixing properties, Aerowave 2001 is easily mixed and applied, providing an extremely durable and fast-curing primer finish that is compatible with other products within the range.