AERO Specialties

AERO, Embraer Executive Jets Collaborate on AOG Response

AERO Specialties recently partnered with Embraer Aircraft in an effort to provide Embraer clients with an expanded level of AOG support.  As an element of the heightened attention to service delivery, Embraer has deployed three new Mobile Response Units (MRUs) to provide decentralized AOG support.  An innovative ground-power-unit (GPU) solution was needed for the advanced fleet of Mobile Response Units.  Accepting the challenge, AERO Specialties quickly acted by engineering a custom ground power unit that met Embraer’s needs and rigorous specifications.

AERO Specialties manufactured three custom JetGo 550Mti-RJ ground power units for Embraer Executive Jets, providing the Embraer MRUs with an effective and reliable 28.5V DC power source for repairing grounded aircraft.  The custom JetGo 550Mti-RJ GPUs feature unique loading brace that allows the units to be safely removed from the MRUs via an onboard crane.  The buttressed JetGo chassis is effortlessly capable of being put into service upon the response vehicle’s site arrival, ensuring Embraer delivers a maximum degree of service.

AERO Specialties JetGo GPUs were selected because of the ease of operation, hybrid noise reduction capabilities and safety controls that are suitable for the Embraer entry-level Phenom 100 and light Phenom 300s.  In addition to these qualities, one Embraer JetGo 550Mti-RJ GPU received a cosmetic overhaul – a fresh coat of Embraer blue paint that perfectly matches the Embraer brand and the additional pieces of aircraft ground service equipment onboard the Mobile Response Unit.  With the AERO Specialties-manufactured JetGo GPUs, Embraer has found a partner that will customize equipment to the performance standards expected by a precision-driven aircraft manufacturer. 

JetGo GPUs now represent a component of Embraer’s new customer support strategy that involves proactively engaging in clients’ service requirements.  Embraer’s current Mobile Response Unit fleet uses Ford F550 and F650 trucks that have been designed for regional service responses.  Based in three locations across the United States – Fort Lauderdale, FL; Windsor Locks, CT; Mesa, AZ – the service vehicles serve a 400-mile service radius of these service centers, giving Embraer the ability to quickly respond to AOG events as well as other service calls.  Reducing AOG response times ensures that Embraer exceeds client expectations, furthering Embraer’s reputation as a premier aircraft manufacturer and service provider.

“Embracing Embraer’s new, innovative service model, AERO Specialties is enthusiastic about being the preferred supplier of Embraer Mobile Response Unit ground power units and is excited to have the opportunity to provide JetGo 550Mti-RJ GPUs on future Mobile Response Units,” said Matt Sheehan, President AERO Specialties. “The collaboration between AERO Specialties and Embraer Executive jets is one founded on a dedication to customer service.  Providing tailored service packages, upon which clients can rely, backed up by affection and devotion for aviation offers a strong platform for future project between AERO Specialties and Embraer.