Lindbergh Foundation Announces Aviation Partners Boeing as Winner of 2012 Corporate Award for Balance

ORLANDO, FL. (October 30, 2012) - Aviation Partners Boeing (APB) was today named as the recipient of the prestigious Corporate Award for Balance, given annually by the Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation. APB Chairman and Founder Joe Clark and APB CEO Bill Ashworth will accept the award on behalf of APB at today's NBAA Award Luncheon.

The Lindbergh Foundation's Corporate Award for Balance is presented each year to a company whose technological initiatives or business practices have balanced technology and nature to significantly improve aviation itself and the general quality of life and have otherwise benefited the planet. Prior recipients include GE Aviation and FedEx. The Award is an initiative of the Foundation's Aviation Green AllianceTM project.

"The Lindbergh Foundation is pleased to present our Corporate Award for Balance to Aviation Partners Boeing," said Lindbergh Foundation Chairman John Petersen. "It is exciting to recognize a company that so clearly demonstrates the Foundation's vision of progress through balance. Not only has the blended winglet technology made significant progress in reducing drag and fuel consumption but in the process decreased noise and pollution. Furthermore the joint venture between these two powerful aviation companies serves as a reminder to our community that we really can achieve incredible breakthroughs when we work together."

Aviation Partners Boeing

Aviation Partners Boeing is a joint venture between Aviation Partners Inc. and The Boeing Company. Created in 1999, the partnership was developed to equip Boeing airplanes with API's Blended WingletTM technology. APB combines the innovative spirit of Aviation Partners with the global strength of Boeing.

APB has succeeded in the marketplace because it produces measurable benefits on a scale unheard of in the history of aircraft capability improvement. Nearly 5,000 Boeing aircraft now have the Blended Winglet Technology, which not only saves fuel and protects the environment, but modernizes aircraft and significantly improves performance. APB projects that by year-end 2014, Blended Winglets will have saved more than 5 billion gallons of jet fuel.

"Anytime you can improve the productivity and performance of an existing asset, while making it more eco-friendly, is a wise investment," said Joe Clark, API founder and CEO, "We are doing our part in a changing world."