ATP Jet Center Of Daytona Beach Goes Live As Signature Select Member FBO

Signature Flight Support Corporation announced that its Signature Select affiliate ATP Jet Center of Daytona Beach International Airport (KDAB) has completed its transition to become a Signature Select member location. Customers who visit ATP Jet Center will now experience the suite of benefits of the Signature network in Daytona Beach. Benefits include Signature TailWins™, Signature’s pilot rewards program; Signature Status® loyalty which rewards the aircraft, passengers and crew with value-added services and SIGnet™, Signature’s customer relations system which provides individualized services no matter where the customer flies in the Signature network.

Melissa Singer, Director of Brand Extension for Signature Flight Support commented, “ATP Jet Center’s transition to Signature Select membership is a result of the close collaboration of the entire ATP staff. Everyone involved in the process sees the benefits to both the company and for customers. We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome and are ready to welcome customers to Daytona Beach. For ATP, this is just the beginning, our sales and marketing staff are poised to begin to highlight the many benefits of ATP at Daytona Beach International Airport.”

Todd Outcalt, Director of Business Development for ATP said, “We are excited about the Signature Select transition being completed and being able to offer our customers the benefits of the Signature network. The process was seamless, completed on time and our staff was included in every step of the process.” Outcalt continued, “We were impressed with the well thought out plan and its execution, it made it easy for us to become a Signature Select member. Membership offers us a competitive edge and offers our customers access to world-class FBO service.”

Signature Select offers independent FBOs Signature’s world-class systems, service and safety standards, training, sales and marketing processes. Each member company maintains their independent brand with the addition of the Signature Select™ badge.

Signature is transitioning additional new locations including a Signature Select at Jet Air Group of Green Bay, WI and Airside FBO Operations, LTD. of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada which will be a fully-licensed Signature Flight Support location.

To learn more about Signature Select, visit or call +1 407 648 7229.

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Airline Transport Professionals (ATP) In 1984, ATP pioneered cost-efficient, accelerated, multi-engine flight training with an emphasis on pilot career development. Today, ATP prepares graduates for airline pilot careers with nationwide flight experience in the largest, multi-engine training fleet. Advanced jet training transitions these pilots from light twins to modern regional jets in CRJ-200 flight training devices. ATP flies over 10,000 hours each month to provide more than 4,000 FAA pilot certifications each year at 26 locations nationwide. ATP Jet Center is located at Daytona Beach International Airport (KDAB) and offers full-service ground, fueling and flight support services.