Heads Up Technologies Announces RGB and Variable White LED Lighting

Carrollton, Texas ­­- October 30, 2012 - Heads Up Technologies, a leading supplier of electronics solutions for general aviation and commercial aircraft, announces the addition of RGB and Variable White LED lighting systems to its family of cabin lighting products. These new lighting products integrate seamlessly with Heads Up Technologies’ Lumin™ Cabin Management System (CMS) to further enhance the flying experience. Lumin™ technology can be used to create a cabin interior design that is unique to an OEM’s brand.

Interior designers rely heavily on lighting as a tool to create ambience in an aircraft cabin. Traditionally, LED products have been offered in standard sizes and lengths, which limit the creative choices for the designer. Heads Up’s new lighting systems are available in custom sizes and shapes, which allows for tighter integration and customization in the cabin design.

Heads Up used its Lumin™ technology to develop Cessna's Clairity™ Cabin Technology System, featured on the new Cessna Citation X. The company also delivered its first RGB and Variable White LED systems for the Citation X, integrating Clairity and the new lighting systems into the aircraft's interior design to a degree never before accomplished.

“Our new RGB and Variable White LED lighting systems allow designers to create sophisticated lighting effects that actually use less cabin space,” said Rob Harshaw, president and CEO of Heads Up Technologies. “Custom sizes and shapes of lighting elements offers sophisticated options for the interior lighting design.”

Heads Up Technologies designs and manufactures its systems with advanced LEDs, microprocessors, and power supplies. The company works with OEMS to help create unique and visually stunning luminaries.

The RGB and Variable White LED lights communicate with the CMS via RS-485 data buss protocols. The onboard intelligence provides a greater degree of control over real time color control and dimming, creating noticeably better responsiveness than previous designs.

“Color changes and dimming are now accomplished with a very fluid-like motion,” said Harshaw.

Heads Up will demonstrate its new RGB and Variable White lights for OEM applications at the National Business Aviation Association convention on October 30-November 1, in Orlando, Florida.

About Heads Up Technologies

Heads Up Technologies, Inc., based in Carrollton, Texas, is the leading innovator in the design, development, and manufacture of aviation electronic systems. For 26 years, Heads Up Technologies has been at the forefront of cabin management systems, digital audio systems, interior and exterior LED lighting, satellite datalink, data recorders, and digital controllers. Heads Up Technologies provides custom solutions for OEMs and aircraft owners that are at the cutting edge of design and technology. For more information, contact Heads Up at (972) 407-1131 or visit www.heads-up.com.